Melt, web apps made simple

Melt is a PHP web application framework for rapid software development.
Seasoned developers use Melt to write less code, pivot faster and scale their apps to the masses.

Semantic yet pragmatic: Every feature in Melt stems from a real-world project, nothing has been added for the sake of it.

Download Melt

Download the latest Melt release, open-source and free for all your commercial projects.

Download Melt v1.5.0

BSD License - GitHub Repo

Get Started

Unzip and run Melt on your web server to start building your app in minutes.

Getting Started Guide

Build - Scrap - Rework

Melt agressively avoids code duplication to make pivoting and reworking your app joyful.


Developers at Melt have historically used a variety of web application frameworks. Each of them have a similar setup: use my automagical synthax to run the black box. For beginner's excitement it might be great but for larger, real world projects it's a pain. Melt is an answer to this problem, a web app framework based on native standards.


Melt runs on common web servers such as Apache, nginx and lighthttpd.

Melt runs on common web servers such as Apache, nginx and lighthttpd
  • Apache, nginx or lighthttpd
  • MySQL 5.1.5 or above
  • PHP 5.3.5 or above

Getting started

Melt gets you started with coding right away.

  • Download Melt
  • Unzip the folder on your web server
  • Visit the url to run the bootstrapping script
  • Run install in the unix-like browser console
  • Optionally run ghd deploy-sample-app
  • DONE!
MVC Design Pattern
Melt uses the proven Model-View-Controller design pattern for clear separation of concerns.
Modular Structure
Melt has a modular structure which allows it to be extended without adding complexity.
ORM/Object-Relational Mapping
Melt provides Object-Relational Mapping that maps data into native PHP objects.
Third-Party Friendly
Melt works well with third-party code and allows you to easily integrate classes.
Melt provides application scaffolding for rapid prototyping and generating CRUD.
Sample Code
Melt allows you to deploy sample code and sample apps through the unix-like console interface.
Module Library
Melt has an ever-growing library with useful modules that increase your productivity.
Gettext Localization
Melt uses the gettext localization standard and imports translated .po-files with drag and drop.
Debugging & Profiling
Melt provides debugging tools and suggests fixes to help you write beautiful code.
Error Handling
Melt provides error handling and comprehensive logs to help you understand and solve problems.
Mail Spooling
Melt provides a mail spooler that stores emails in the database until they can be sent.
Sessions & Authentication
Melt provides a secure session handling component and strong authentication features.
Data Types
Melt provides comprehensive data types to help you quickly build data structures and input forms.
AJAX Integration
Melt is integrated with JQuery and JQuery UI to allow simple and painless AJAX handling.
Advanced SQL
Melt provides SQL table indexing and trigger support for enhanced performance and data integrity.
Caching Scheme
Melt is very fast - thanks to a small footprint and extensive usage of cache and loading techniques.
Melt Software AB
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About Us

Melt Software AB ("Melt") is a trusted partner in software development. The company was founded in 2010 and has since built custom software solutions for multinational corporations as well as SMEs. Melt works with long-term client relationships and has an independent role that enables the company to select the technical solution that best solves the client's problem. The backbone of Melt is Melt Framework, the open-source web development framework that is used by seasoned developers globally.

Working With Us

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Selected Clients

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  • Linköping University
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